About Tove Tengå 

Born in 1984, currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden.

My first encounter with clay was at an early age, I felt that the material was exciting. I was struck by the clay's plasticity and the feeling of being able to do anything. Even today, the possibilities of working with the clay feel endless and at the same time having a life of its own and sometimes moving elsewhere. I would say that my creation is a collaboration between my self and the desire of the clay. I first studied ceramic form at Leksand Folk High School and after that at Konstfack, University of Art, Craft and Design. At first it was not a choice that I would become an artist, but I just had to continue the collaboration to see what we could create together. The slow work, the structure of the mold, drying and firing gives me many expectations of the result. Opening a finished kiln is unbeatable and often it will not be as I thought. I know I succeeded when I can look at an object and not get tired of what I see.


2013-2016 Konstfack, BA in Ceramics and glass

2011-2013 Leksands folkhögskola, Ceramics

2008-2010 Stockholm university, mathematics and biology


Kaolin Stockholm

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